A 35 year old female patient presents to the office for genetic counseling, ultrasound and possible amniocentesis. This is the third pregnancy for the patient. The correct diagnosis code to use for the diagnostic tests would be:

Answer: a

If the patient is indeed experiencing her second or more pregnancy and will be 35 years of age or older by the expected date of delivery, diagnosis code 659.63 (elderly multigravida, antepartum condition or complication) could be used. This code specifies the mother's age as an indication for care or intervention related to labor and delivery; the mother's age could possibly contribute to, or be the cause of, a complication with the pregnancy, fetus or newborn.

However, if the mother has a condition that is having, or will have, an affect on the fetus or newborn, diagnosis code 760.9 (Unspecified maternal condition affecting fetus or newborn) would be more appropriate This is not specifically related to age and could be used for any condition that the mother has that is not specified by another diagnosis code.

In conclusion, if the mother's age is the sole reason for the genetic counseling, ultrasound and/or amniocentesis, then diagnosis code 659.63 should be used. If there are other conditions or problems that the mother is experiencing that are affecting the fetus or newborn, not just age related, then code 760.9 would be the most appropriate code to use.

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