If a physician wants a fetal biophysical profile and a fetal non-stress test, the correct CPT codes to be used for billing:

Answer: a

According to the AMA, the fetal biophysical profile, code 76818, is an assessment that includes 5 variables. The five variables are:

1. Fetal trunk and extremity movement
2. Fetal tone
3. Fetal breathing movement
4. Amniotic fluid volume
5. Fetal nonstress test

Due to the fetal nonstress test being included in the fetal biophysical profile, the fetal non-stress test (59025) should not be reported separately if performed on the same date of service. This would be like billing for the fetal non-stress twice on the same date. (This information may be found in the AMA publication "CPT Assistant, Volume 8, Issue 5, May 1998.)

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